Saturday 20 April 2013

The Tulip fields of La Haute Provence - Another Provençal Secret -

When you look at the photos in this post you would be hard pushed to imagine that it was taken yesterday in Provence and yet every year in mid-April around the villages of Pierrerue and La Brillanne this unbelievable festival of colour appears only to vanish a few days later.
The tulips are not grown for their flowers but for their bulbs which I believe divide thus increasing the amount of bulbs after flowering which are then resold. I have to confess I see them every year and yet I still do not know the whole story about how the harvest works... I'll try to find out.
So if you are in Provence and are close to La Brillanne take the road towards Forcalquier and a few hundred yards along on your left this is what you will see...

But hurry they don't last very long!

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