Monday 29 April 2013

France Frolic 2013 - Jennie's Blog on her recent trip with Unique Provence

It's always nice to get feedback from clients and agents after they have used our services, but the Blog has transformed a quick email to say thanks to a complete blow by blow account of what they experienced.
In that category is Jennie's France Frolic 2013 on a recent tour to Provence followed by a Rhone river cruise and some time in Paris. I was asked to put together the Provence part of the trip and Jennie tells all in her blog along with the photos.
It's a fun way to share you holiday with friends and family and also to inspire others. Setting up a blog is easy, even I managed it, so I hope that Jennie's blog (or Blogs as there are more than one!) will inspire other travellers to share their experiences on the internet.

To find Jennie's Blog follow the following links : France Frolic 2013 and also Got My Reservations and The Seasoned Dish

And thanks again Jennie!


  1. Philip, we can't stop talking about our wonderful trip with you. Thanks for the linkup, but really, I encourage other travelers to try the small group concept and create your own perfect vacation using Unique Provence Travel!

  2. Thank you very much for your kind comment Jennie, I am so glad you enjoyed you Provence trip!


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