Sunday 10 June 2012

Latest pics from our Flickr page

Stone Cabanon & LavenderLavender field in La RochegironClose up of the weedy lavenderA weedy but very pretty lavender fieldLavender La RochegironLavender La Rochegiron
Lavender La RochegironLavender La RochegironLavender La RochegironLavender La RochegironLavender La RochegironLavneder & stone cabanon
Sage and LavenderLavender nr BanonLavender BanonAlmond tree & LavenderLavender La RochegironAlambic still in Forcalquier, Haute Provence
Detail of the kitchen at L'Oustaou d'OuliviéSculpture Chateau La Coste, Puy St ReparadeAdam & Eve in the gardens of SalagonThe famous (and very rare) corner window of the Prieuré of SalagonA duckAlambic Still for lavender - Salagon museum
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Not long now until the lavender is in full flower, but I have a soft spot for the fields just before that time. The unopened flowers take on a velvety texture, and as you can see in the photos I took this morning, an almost unreal aspect can be felt, as if someone has been having fun with Photoshop... I haven't I promise! Another thing you can see are the unfortunate results of a disease spread by a very small insect (host to a very potent bacteria) which is doing a lot of damage as you can see by the patchy fields in some of the photos. The insect (Hyalesthes obsoletus) is related to the Cicada and likes to live in nettles and bindweed, and lays its eggs in the lavender where the parasitic larvae burrow into the woody stems and spread the deadly bacteria. The situation is slowly improving, and a lot of fields have been replanted.
Next Sunday I will go out and do another album, but this time the flowers will be open, for the most-part.
Remember, if you would like to use any of my pictures, feel free but... Credits to "Unique Provence - PH" and tell me where you have used them, thank-you! to discover the lavender first hand.

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