Friday 27 July 2012

Plateau d'Albion Lavender 2012

Lavender near Revest du Bion, Plateau d'AlbionLavender fields near SaultThe beginning of the lavender harvestThe view from the town of SaultSaultLavender and the Ventoux
Chestnut tree in a lavender fieldLavender Plateau d'AlbionCreative hay bale sculpture, Revest du BionLavender Plateau d'AlbionLavender near Revest du Bion with the Mont VentouxLavender near Revest du Bion with the Mont Ventoux
The last photos of Lavender fields in flower for 2012, the harvest is well under way now... but soon our new lavender travel experience for summer of 2013 will be unveiled "en avant première" on the Unique Provence Blog.
These photos were all taken on the Plateau d'Albion near the towns of Revest du Bion and Sault*. It is here that the valuable "Lavande Fine" grows, used by the cosmetic industry and notably L'Occitane en Provence a Unique Provence exclusive partner.
Note the Mont Ventoux** often making an appearance in the background, adding a note of majesty to the already spectacular views.

*See our blog post on the Nougat maker of Sault
**See our blog post on the Mont Ventoux

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